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gordonjoseph This captures the essence of the Holy Spirit. Favorite track: Holy Is Your Name.
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Music from The Many for OPENINGS, a Ritual of Resistance and Hope first presented at the Wild Goose Festival, July 2016

These five songs are for people of faith and doubt. They are songs rooted in many voices from gospel to indie, pop to folk. They are songs to sing quietly and songs that will inspire you to get up and dance.

These songs give shape to OPENINGS, a wild, holy rite of resistance to the dominant stories of scarcity, exclusion and violence all around us. It is a sacred celebration and a meal of bread and wine to reconnect with the God whose name is Love, and to reignite the hope calling us to follow the way of Jesus.

One PDF with the entire script and lead sheets for all the songs is included in the download of the album. Please share and sing and bring Openings to your church or performance space.


released September 29, 2016

The Many are from Chicago, IL USA and include singers, Darren Calhoun, Olivia Harris, Leslie Michelle, Kerry Pritchard, Hannah Rand and everyone else who can join in. The Wild Goose Band was Andrew Clark, Trevor Nicholas, Cindy Stacey, and Julian Stacey.

The Many is a collaboration of the Plural Guild, headed up by Gary and Lenora Rand.




The Many

Weaving together many musical influences, from folk to gospel to pop to indie, into one unique sound somewhere between them all, The Many deliver songs filled with questions and doubts, pushing toward a faith that’s real and honest, that doesn’t settle for easy anything, always with an eye out for the God who so loves the world. . ... more

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Track Name: Holy Is Your Name
Holy is Your Name
Lyrics by Lenora Rand. Music by Hannah Rand. © 2015 Mirasion Music.

Verse 1
You have seen me in my sorrow
You have heard me in my pain
You have known me in my suffering
You have loved me in my shame

Choir Chorus 1
Holy, holy, holy is your name.
Glory, glory, glory to your name.

The angels and the heavens sing
Of the new day that you bring
They sing, “Glory, glory, glory to your name.”

Verse 2
You have held me in my questions
You have heard me when I pray
You have looked on me with favor
You have never looked away

Chorus 1

Choir Chorus 2
The proud will fall,
The poor will see
That all hopes not lost,
And grace flows free.

Chorus 1
Track Name: Only Grace
Only Grace

Words by Lenora Rand. Music by Hannah Rand. © 2016 Mirasion Music. ASCAP

Things are broken here.
Things are shared
Things are carried here
Hearts bow in prayer

It is grace, only grace
That brings us here, holds us together here.
It is grace, only grace
That brings us here, holds us all together here.
All together here.

Things are dying here
Things are torn
Things are growing here
And burdens borne.


Amazing grace, hear the sound.
Here is where hope is found.

Track Name: Lovely Needy People
Lovely Needy People

Words by Lenora Rand. Music by
Gary Rand. ©2016 Plural Guild Music.

Verse 1
Oh you prisoners in your cells
All you in private hells
Choir: Kyrie eleison

All you hungry and ignored
Who thirst for something more
Choir: Kyrie eleison

You who feel lost but are afraid of being found
You who are in chains but are afraid to live unbound
Choir: Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison.

For all us lovely needy people
Living in this world that’s spinning
Round and round and round
Round and round and round

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy
Choir: Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

Verse 2
Oh you children ripped and torn
Battered, bruised and worn
Kyrie eleison

All who look hate in the face
Locked in hate’s embrace
Kyrie eleison

You who’ve given up and can’t see anywhere but down
You who’ve lost all hope and think it’s nowhere to be found
Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison


Choir Chant
There is mercy enough, there is grace enough
There is love enough for all of us
Track Name: Room for Us All
Room for Us All
Words by Lenora Rand. Music by Hannah Rand. © 2015 Mirasion Music.

Verse 1
They said no room
They said move on
They turned, turned you away.

We’ve been there too
Felt that alone
been hurt been hurt that way.

Choir Chorus:

Your light comes shining
Into this crying night
Bringing hope, bringing healing,
Your love revealing.
Your light comes shining into this crying night
To say it's ok, there's room for all of us here

Verse 2
Oh but it’s hard
To open the door
Not lock, lock love away

We’ve been there too
Felt too afraid
To see, to try another way

Choir Bridge: We are on this earth to love
Track Name: Find Our Way to Love
Find Our Way to Love
Words by Lenora Rand. Music by Gary and Hannah Rand.
© 2016 Plural Guild Music

When I hurt you, I hurt me
When I push you, I push me
When I curse you, I curse me
I weep with you, As you weep with me.

When I starve you, I starve me
When I bomb you, I bomb me
When I kill you, I kill me
I die with you, as you die with me

There is no “other”
There’s only us
On this trembling, tender earth.
And all of heaven is here with us
When we find our way to love,
When we find our way to love.

When I hate you, I hate me
When I lose you, I lose me
When I find you, I find me
I live with you, as you live with me.


God so loves the world.
God so loves the world.
God so loves every one of us
So we can find our way to love,
So we can find our way to love.